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Seventeen years - that is how much the company "C and C" is next to you, presenting an example of a confident, progressive movement forward. This movement is associated with output growth, the expansion line range, familiarization of new and maintaining a high level of quality of previous products.

Our years of experience and professionalism allows us to offer you high quality and cost-effective solutions for manufacturers of hard and heat-resistant alloys, diamond tools, catalysts, nitric acid and chemical industries. Among our customers - the largest producers of batteries, tires, rubber, glass and crystal, enamels, paints and pigments for ceramics.

Our main products, which we can be proud of - compounds and powders of cobalt and nickel, molybdenum and other refractory metals and trace elements.

Debugged brought to the scope of high technological level of production - the basis of the company and a solid foundation for its solid progressive development. The most modern equipment, the application as the long-proven and most advanced technical and technological solutions can produce products demanded in the market in any macro-economic situation of a quality that consistently meets the highest standards, requirements and desires of consumers.

Major production facilities are concentrated in cities and Schelkovo Noginsk, Moscow Region.

The dynamic development of the company allowed us to expand our range of products. Since 2007, its own manufacturing facilities of our new plant in Kyrgyzstan allows us to produce the required amount of basic compounds of molybdenum - paramolybdate ammonium and molybdenum trioxide.

Application for production of one hundred percent incoming inspection of incoming raw materials, constant control of key manufacturing operations and products - that's what defines the face of our production and products. As befits the modern production, quality management system certified for compliance with GOST R ISO 9001-2001 (ISO9001 ÷ 2000), and chemical laboratory accredited by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.

Clear development strategy of our company based on the following objectives:

* Maintain the highest level of product quality;
* Always ready expansion of manufactured product lines in accordance with the requirements of time and the customer;
* The constant desire to produce more technologically sophisticated products;
* The planned consolidation of positions in the strategically important markets and the development of new, promising his plots;
* Reduced costs of production with growth of its quality;
* Staff development and safety;
* Alignment with the world of the principles of relations of producers and consumers, investors and customers.

High quality products and the corresponding demand on the vast, dynamic market, consumption of chemical products, the concomitant economic stability, prudent financial and investment policies - these are the fundamental vectors of development that are the choice of "C and C as a reliable and worthy partner for a successful business.